Revitalize yourself in the midst of tranquility

A sauna overlooking a cove in the light and a stone bath that has been passed down since ancient times in the Ise-Shima region. Both use wood stoves heated by ubame oak from the forests surrounding the coves. The smell and sound of the crackling firewood and the quiet waves of the coves will sharpen your senses.

Wood-burning sauna

The ubame oak that grows in clusters in the COVA forest is one of the best types of firewood for wood-burning saunas, as it burns at a high temperature for an especially long time among hardwoods, and is even used to make Binchotan charcoal.
Ubame oak thinned from the forest is split into firewood and dried for two years before being used for the sauna stove.
Enjoy the heat that gradually warms your body to the core.

Cold bath

After you have warmed up, you can either immerse yourself in the ocean that stretches out before you or cool off in a cold bath where the well water that was once used for drinking water is further cooled, and you can quietly revitalize your mind and body in the sea breeze.

Private sauna

Sauna in the guest rooms

Both the MIHARASHI and HAMAGE guest rooms have private saunas where you can enjoy löyly.