Revitalize Yourself

by the Sea

Reward yourself with a revitalizing holiday.
Energize, relax, and refresh
yourself with the bounties of the sea

志摩 KAKUDA villa

COVA KAKUDA is an endeavor to restore the original landscape of Ago bay and to create a sustainable SATOUMI for the future generations.

The beauty of Ago bay is in its balance of human and nature’s activities.
The people’s daily labor and interaction with nature will enrich the environment, and nature in turn will reward their labor with abundant harvest, which enables the residents to continue to make a living in the area, further allowing and incentivizing them to take care of the environment.
This sustainable cycle of SATOUMI has continued for ages at Ago bay.

The location of COVA KAKUDA in particular has originally been a pearl farm site in the 1940s to the 70s. In 2023, it has been renovated to be reborn as COVA KAKUDA, a private coastal getaway.

We look forward to your visit, and to be able to share with you the authentic landscape dear to our hearts, and hope that COVA KAKUDA will become a special place for you as well.



A private villa with stunning views
overlooking coves in every room



Reminiscent of the rich sea
and landscapes of Shima

Enjoy "exquisite dishes that will make your body and soul
feel good" made from fresh local ingredients.


Satoumi cuisine prepared mainly
with seafood caught
in the Shima Peninsula

Japanese-based Satoumi cuisine prepared with ingredients
from Shima in various styles,
not separated by culinary genres such as Italian or French.
Enjoy the local ingredients of Shima
with the dishes and methods
that the owner has encountered around the world.


A small chain of impressions
embodied in each and every action

You will be able to enjoy the charm of Shima
in the quiet atmosphere of COVA KAKUDA
with the hospitality, proximity and atmosphere
that can only be realized with a small number of guests.



A variety of "static" and "dynamic"
activities tailored to
each of the four seasons

Tension and relaxation, static and dynamic,
light and shadow, childlike innocence and sophistication.
The relaxation that comes after tension
or the comfort after a workout.
A time to reflect on oneself after lively communication.
By broadening your range of activities,
you will be led to a deeper regenerative experience
that is outside the realm of your everyday life.

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