Guest Rooms

Ocean view form all villas

A private villa with stunning views from every room.
The guest rooms in all villas have sophisticated Japanese construction with all natural materials that soothes you once you step inside. All villas keep the original structure of the pearl farm that is one of the concepts of COVA,
which features SDGs and keeping and passing the good old things to next generations.

Built effortlessly by human hands
using natural materials

A space where the beauty and roughness of natural materials, their warmth and sense of security, and other such qualities are respected.
Each of the guest rooms has been built effortlessly from natural materials, mostly by human hands.


Pondering over the time, climate and culture that this place has to offer

By setting up objects with hints of the sea, such as a raft made of wood reminiscent of pearl cultivation, woven nets and baskets, and other items that remind us of the time, climate, and culture of this place, we are aware that we are creating an opportunity for people to think about the time, climate, and culture of the place.

Private sauna in the guest rooms

The saunas use local wood sourced from the Shima Peninsula.
This is an adult retreat where you can appreciate the tranquility, enjoy the experience, and feel healed and energized.